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Dear Colleagues!

 We invite you to take part in the work.

 XVII-th International Scientific and Practical

 Conference “Project Management in the Development of Society”

 Theme of the conference:

 "Project management in the conditions of society's

digitalization ",

 conference will take place

 May 15-16, 2020 at

 Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture, aud.466


 The organizers

 Kiev National University

 construction and architecture

 Ukrainian Association of Project Management

 Project Management Academy




  Dr. Sc., Prof.  Kulikov P.M.  - Rector of the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture (KNU-SA) - Chairman;

  Dr.Sc., prof.  Bushuev S.D.  - President of the Ukrainian Project Management Association (UAUP), Head of the Project Management Department of the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture;

  d.t.s., prof., Flat V.A.  - Vice-Rector for Research of the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture;

  Dr.Sc., prof.  Bykov V.E.  - Director of the Institute of Information Technology and Learning Aids, Academician of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine;

  Dr.Sc., prof.  Tanaka H. - Professor of Tokyo University of Technology Development (Tokyo);

 - Dr. of Sciences, prof.  Babaev I.A.  - President of the Azerbaijan Project Management Association (Baku);

  Dr.Sc., prof.  Bushueva N.S.  - Professor of Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture;

Dr.Sc., prof.  Kononenko I.V.  - Head of the Department of "Strategic Management" NTU Kharkov Polytechnic Institute;

  Dr.Sc., prof.  Rach .A.  - Scientific school "Management of innovative development of socio-economic systems in the era of knowledge economy"

  Dr.Sc., prof.  Chumachenko I.V.  Head of Department

 "Project Management in the Municipal Economy and Construction," Kharkiv National University of Municipal Economy named.  A.N.  Beketov


The aim of the conference is to stimulate scientific and applied research in the field of project management, identifying promising areas of application of project management methodology in practice, the exchange of scientific information and practical achievements in this field, the establishment of closer relations between educational institutions, scientific institutions and enterprises.  , attracting young people to scientific search.


Conference program

May 15 (Friday)

Part 1 (before lunch)

  Section 1 "Global trends in the development of digitalization project management"

 Moderators: S. Bushuev, I.V. Chumachenko

 The section will discuss the issues of researching trends in the development of economies and knowledge systems in project management, creation and development of a competent approach in project management, programs and project portfolios in the context of society's digitalization.

Part 2 (after dinner) Continuation of Section 1


May 16 (Saturday)

Part 1 (before lunch)

 Section 2 " Managing Agile Society Transformation Projects"

 Moderators: I. Kononenko, V.A. Rach

 The section will address the issues of managing projects, programs and portfolios of Agile transformation projects based on global external and internal threats, increasing risks.

Part 2 (after dinner)

 Section 3 " Management of projects of creation of information technologies of digitalization of society"

 Moderator: S.D. Bushuev

The section will explore the issues of research on approaches to the creation of information technologies for digitalization of society.

 General Discussion “Development of Research on Managing Digitalisation Projects in the Global Trends”

 Closing of the conference.


 Attention changes in the program !!!!!

 Graduate students and students perform on May 16

The conference offers the following

 Registration fees:


Contributions (UAH)

Members IPMA, UPMA


Non-membersIPMA, UPMA


Students, graduate students


Gala dinner


Publication of theses


Foreigners / international students

Contributions (Euro)

100/ 70


Table of registration fees

Type of registration

Participation in the conference

Гала ужин

Coffee pauses / lunch

Conference materials

Members IPMA, UPMA





Non-membersIPMA, UPMA





Students, raduate students


for add.  payment



For Foreigners / international students

All inclusive

All inclusive

All inclusive

All inclusive

For early payment: until April 5, 2020

 5% discount


 Submission of articles and applications for participation 19.04.2020

 confirmation of participation and payment –12.05.2020

 beginning of the conference - 05/15/2020

Requisites for self-payment

 Payment details:

 Acc. № UA50 380269 00000 26008056226918  in the PAT KB "Privatbank, MFO 380269

 Recipient: Ukrainian Project Management Association «UKRNET», LLC

 Code EDRPOU 21514950

 It is necessary to indicate: "Purpose of payment: organizational payment for participation in the conference according to the information notification" and follow up to indicate the payer (full name)



 Contact organizers

 Office of the Ukrainian Association of Management

 Projects "UKRNET":

 03150, Kiev, Krasnopolskaya str. 2 g, of.  375

 Tel.  (044) 332-46-96Email: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript

Conference  web: www.pmkiev.com.ua/

Киевский национальный университет
строительства и архитектуры

ассоциация управления
проектами «УКРНЕТ»

Академия управления

Publication of conference articles

  Abstracts will be published before the conference.

  Abstracts submitted to the program committee for consideration must fully comply with the established requirements.  Materials provided in violation of these requirements will not be considered.

  Abstracts should be prepared in the editor MicrosoftWord.

  The text is located on A4 sheets.  All fields - 2 cm. Line spacing - 1.5.  Font - Times New Roman, size - 14.

  Formulas in documents must be created using Microsoft Equation (12 font size).

  Information is given in the following sequence: UDC (left), the surname and initials of the authors (left), the full name of the organization (left), the name of the material (in the center, in capital letters, in bold), the main text of the material,  bibliography.

  References should have no more than four sources.

  The text must be edited because  All materials will be published in the author's version.

  The number of drawings is no more than 2, the maximum height is 100 mm, the drawings must also be prepared in Microsoft Word.

  Volume -4 pages.

  The number of co-authors is not more than three.


 Subject to absentee participation, abstracts will be

PUBLISHED after payment is made.

 (300 UAH)


 After April 19, 2020 Abstracts

 not accepted!!!


 Conference working languages ​​-

 Ukrainian Russian English


 for participation in the XVIIth International

 scientific and practical conference

 “Project management in the development of society”





 middle name


 Science degree


 Place of work


 The Department




 Address to send


 of theses




Form of participation

□ member IPMA, UPMA (750 UAH)

□ student (450 UAH))

□ publication of theses (300 UAH)

□ non-members of IPMA, UPMA (850 UAH)

Foreigners(100 Euro)

international students

 (70 Euro)

Payment form 

  □ cash 

  □ non-cash

Section No. in which the performance is planned


□ Section №1 " Global trends in the development of digitalization project management "

 Moderators: S. Bushuev, I.V. Chumachenko

 □ Section №2 "" Managing Agile Society Transformation Projects "

 Moderators: I. Kononenko, V.A. Rach

 □ Section №3.  " Management of projects of creation of information technologies of digitalization of society

 Moderator: S.D. Bushuev

Theme of theses


 Will report at the conference

□ Yes


 Will take part in the buffet table